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About Jule MacGregor, Intimacy Coach & Owner®

An Intro by Jule MacGregor
- Facilitator, Intimacy Coach & Owner of®

My goal is to make intimacy and pleasure a priority!

It is my heartfelt desire that we all re-dedicate time for intimacy and pleasure in our daily lives. I truly believe that these are essential, though often forgotten elements of health and wellness. Since itís so easy to fall out of touch with our core being and innate character, now is the time to commit a small amount of time each day to ourselves and the those we love.

My Group Playshops and Private Classes help you reconnect with yourself and with others. You will gain new ideas, new resources, and learn how to rejuvinate and add to your "pleasure reserves". Scheduling sessions offers you the opportunity to make an ongoing commitment to nurture and take care of yourself on a regular basis.

It is my belief that once we have created a strong, intimate connection with ourselves, we can then create the same with others in our lives. This beautiful cycle continues, creating a more expansive union of the body, mind and spirit within ourselves and with others.

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